Thursday, May 8, 2014

Has it really been almost a month?

Well, I suppose it has. Hard to believe. Lucky for me I don't have to work today. So catching up on laundry is the name of the game. I was hoping to get outside and work in the yard but this little boo boo is making a huge baby out of me....the slightest little tap and it hurts.

My finger met a hammer. Somehow I've evaded ever smacking my thumb or finger with a hammer despite the fact that over the last 15 years I've hung hundreds, maybe thousands of pieces of art at work. I guess I was due for a whack. Ok I'll stop complaining and move on to something fun.

How about our new bedroom wall color?!

The color is Porter Paints "Elusive Blue". I'm in love with it. In some light it looks blue and in other light is looks lavender. I really wanted something that would make me think of a cool ocean breeze and I think this did it! I still have to find window treatments, paint the baseboards, put a second coat on the closet doors, replace the outlet covers, and figure out what type of art I want above the bed.  The new things I added were the large tray I hung on the wall from Target, as well as the little lamp on my folding table  that I'm using for a nightstand till I find something cute. I love that little lamp, it reminds me of sea glass. I also went to Home Goods and picked up the little sea shell frame and blue bowl that are on the dresser. Just in case you're wondering about the bedding. We normally have a white duvet and down comforter on the bed but it's starting to get too warm for the comforter so we put a white sheet on top of the regular sheet and blanket. The dogs sleep in the bed with us so it's easy to just toss in the wash and keep everything clean.

Lets move on to the garden. I just wanted to share some of the booms in the garden. I'm so happy it's warm out and winter is finally behind us.

I hope you are enjoying your weather wherever you are! See you soon!