This is a page to let anyone who is interested ( ie. publishing agents, book publishers, wealthy people who would like to make Laverne and Shirleys dreams come true) know that my sister and I would like to have our books published.

We currently have two concepts that we are working on. The first one is a childrens book called "Birdbrain Season" about four little girls who represent each season. It's a completed poem written by my sister, Robin Hartman, about how each girl is an individual but in the end we all have something in common. She wrote the book based on a series of illustrations I did called "Bird Brain Girls". Not only is the story charming and beautifully written, the book is also a learning tool where children can identify different birds that are shown throughout. We will have a bird key in the back.


For Birdbrain Season sneek peek click here.

Our second book we would like to publish is a cookbook that is fully illustrated and hand written with  humorous and sometimes snarky tone. Here is an example below.

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Sclemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated.
We're gonna do it!


  1. Shelley, I LOVE your books. I'd publish them if I were a publisher. :-) Have you had a publisher see this page and contact you? Over the years I've tried unsuccessfully to get my children's stories published (text only) so I know it is not an easy field to break into unless you know someone who knows someone. The best of luck! (because I think that's 90% of it because there is a lot out there not really worth the paper it's on). If I could illustrate as well as you do, I'd self-publish. Have you considered that?

  2. OH my gosh Cathy thank you so much for saying that. Truely. Every so often I will try sending out the old guery letter but nothing has happend yet. My sister and I were talking about just publishing the childrens book online and we have a friend who works for a publisher (she sells books to bookstores) and thought we should try self-publishing. Maybe once I finish all the illustrations. :-) I do agree that so much of it is luck. It's amazing how much talent is out there and it's all who you know. I hope you will continue to try and get your stories published, I have no doubt they are fabulous as you obviously have a way with words! I'm so happy you stopped by my blog because getting to read your blog is a pure delight.

  3. Thank you for your compliment about my Blog. I have "published" all my writings on-line on a different Blog called Viewing Life From Inside Out. As I wrote in the Intro to the Blog (see ) I was sharing everything because of the " joy and nourishment in being heard" . For too long I've tried to get published as a way to prove that what I write is worth something. I finally came to realize I need to do it just for the joy of doing it. If just one other person receives joy and nourishment from what I write then that's one extra person. :-) I hope you will keep on keeping on no matter what and derive enjoyment from just the doing. How nice that you have your sister with whom to share your and her wonderful gifts!

  4. You have the right idea Cathy. It SHOULD be about just doing it for the joy of doing it. I can't imagine not painting so no matter what the outcome is I know I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I feel very lucky to have my sister. She is such a talented writer. She has a new blog that she just started I know I'm her sister so I think everything she does is wonderful, but I really do think she has a gift for writing.

    Also, your comments on the installation at the Hirshhorn Museum cracked me up. I've spent most of my career as an art gallery director and I've often thought the only reason some artists are shown is not because it's good but just because they were the first to do it. I do think there is a beauty in the installation, but it's mostly because there is beauty in the flowers. I learned in school that one must question art and one of those questions is "Is it worth it?". Sometimes yes, sometimes no! haha I've had my share of NO but once in awhile I get a YES and boy does that feel great. But here we have come full circle with the idea that as a writer or an artist it must be done for ones self and if others gain something from it all the better.

    OK this comment is getting long winded, but let me just say it's so nice to "meet" a kindred spirit. :-)

  5. Oh gosh, you were an art gallery director!? I'm glad you laughed instead of being offended by what I said about that art installation! :-) There was another installation I would have shown except the photo was a bit out of focus. It was a huge pile of rumpled clothes with a classic Greek sculpture of a lady standing next to it. Really!

    I agree about your sister's writing. She's pretty hilarious--just enough bite to make her "voice" unique.

  6. I'll tell her you said that, she will love it! Also, I think I just don't offend easy should see some of the strange works of "art" I've seen! :-)