Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summers Best

It's hard to believe its summer. We have the windows open and I almost need a sweater! I thought I'd show you a few pictures from the garden. I didn't plant anything till it was almost to late, but I'm glad I finally did...I think we'll be able to at least enjoy some late summer goodies!

We've also been enjoying picking some of natures finest for indoor enjoyment! 

Off to work I go, hope you are enjoying your weekend wherever you are! Hope your weather is as wonderful as it is here in the Bluegrass. 

Oh I almost forgot, the Fancy Farm Picnic is this weekend. Mitch and Allison will be facing off. I have to tell you I love the Fancy Farm Picinic for one simple reason. It's so very American. The parts I love...white painted fences, old fashioned red white and blue bunting, and BBQ. It almost makes you forget there is something political happening! ;-)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Root Beer Floats & Hot Summer Days

There are two things I love on a hot summer day. 

1. Watermelon
2. Root Beer Floats

Obviously number one would be the healthy choice but you see hubby and I took a trip to Ikea. There were these cute little white glasses. Once we got them home I realized they would be so cute for root beer floats. You see it's all about aesthetics, not dessert, not about making a healthy choice. It's about what looks good and using the things you have. Yes. Aesthetics.

Speaking of what looks good. We also got a new desk!

I'm hoping for a new sofa soon as well. Unfortunately our TV bit the dust so that was a purchase that is now delaying the sofa. But in time! 

Hope you are all well and soaking up this wonderful summer!


Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Few Lovely Days

I don't talk too much about my job but I really enjoy it and lucky for me I don't dread going. Have you ever had that job? The one where the thought of going was awful. I once had a job I hated so much that I would leave 15 minutes early just so I could drive by it and pretend I was just going to keep going and never show up again! Of course I'm way to responsible for that and I always turned around and went in. We'll I don't have that problem now but I do enjoy my time off. Unfortunately we had a small fire at work earlier in the week and will be unable to work while cleanup is happening. Fortunately I have wonderful bosses and their insurance covered everyone's pay. While I have this little bit of time I'm getting caught up on some things around the house and spending some time with my husband. We've worked in the yard, strolled through used book stores and had wonderful meals outside enjoying the beautiful weather. 

Here are some photos from our breakfast at The North End Cafe. I had Peach Blueberry Cobbler Pancakes and hubs had Orange Spice French Toast! Deliciousness!!! Hope you have all had a wonderful Fourth of July Holiday!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


What an amazing day. Yes it's hot but I don't care. I spent the entire day with my husband (we rarely have the same days off) and it could not have been better! We  started off with breakfast at a cute little cafe then spent the afternoon shopping. I picked up a little Kate Spade case for my phone...pooka dots...I love me some pooka dots, then relaxed the rest of the evening. Also, I painted my toenails red.

Friday, June 27, 2014

New Bird Feeder!

I know...that's not a bird feeder, it's a colander full of kidney beans. I just wanted to say something about kidney beans before I get to the bird feeder. Umm, they are so pretty I think they deserve a new name. Kidney beans makes them sounds like gross organ meat that kids across the land would not touch with a ten foot fork. I make a motion that we rename the kidney bean! If you have any suggestions please share!

OK, now on to matters of bird feeders. I picked up this bird feeder over the winter and am just now getting around to putting it out. I've stalled on putting it out because it's so cute (I think it looks like a tiny modern house) and I don't want the squirrels to mess it up. I know they have to eat too, but they completely destroy every feeder I put out. It makes no sense to not put it out, but I had to wait till I was mentally prepared to have my new feeder turn to chewed, clawed lumps of plastic.

Alright! So far so good, the birdies are enjoying it, the "squirrel baffler" that it's hanging from appears to be working! Maybe the shape of this one is not interesting to them! This is awesome!

Well, it was cute while it lasted...OK that squirrel is pretty cute too. Have a lovely day lovely people! I'll talk to you soon!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Way of the Kentuckian

There are two things I've learned since moving to Kentucky.
2. Sweet Tea is a given.

As for number one, as far as I'm concerned a cat is a domestic animal that does what it wants so much so that we even let it do it's "business" indoors. What other furry animal can say that? As for number 2, sweet tea, it's just something I cannot get on board with. It amazed me that when I first moved to Kentucky I had to specify that I wanted "Un-sweet tea", then the server would repeat back to me "you want un-swait tay?" with a very judgmental look in their eyes. There is however another drink that seems to be acceptable...BIG RED. I give you a true southern mess of a meal...

Oh my, I think I love Kentucky. This meal provided by Marks Feed Store. What an appropriate name. Because what you're doing when you're there is FEEDING. Shoving amazing BBQ in your face and washing it down with BIG RED. Don't even think about eating the fries, there fine, but you won't have room for dessert. Honestly, if you eat the entire sandwich you won't have room, but somehow we tried.

Did I mention what dessert was? Some crazy thing I had never eaten before called Buttermilk Pie. Holy Cow, it's amazing. 2-3 bites is more than enough, after the BIG RED your teeth will curl up and run for cover.

I love Kentucky.

I think Pippa wants some BBQ.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wishing for things today...

I think I'm getting sick (scratchy throat) so I'm really just wishing I didn't have to go to work today because all day long I talk to people and this feeling in my throat is the feeling I get when laryngitis sets in. I wish I could just be quiet and domestic today...Here are some photos of my former domestic life. I'm longing for doing just one of these things today.

Baking Amish white bread...then eating the ends with butter.

Doing some needlework or knitting.

Snuggling with my two favorite girls.

Playing in the garden.

Painting cups of tea.

Picking strawberries.

Airing out the quilts.