Monday, May 13, 2013

Hot Tea and a Garden Tour

I think we need to start off with a hot cup of tea before the garden tour begins. It's so chilly today our furnace kicked on. It's been weeks since that happened! Ok fingers are warm, lets get going...

Pansy in the basket on the front porch.

The birdbath in the front flower bed. The azalea's are so bright! I'm not crazy about them on the brick wall, but they were here when we moved in. Truth be told, I'd like to paint the brick!

The hosta may be my favorite thing in the garden.

Here are the planters on the front porch. I've tried flowers but it's just to shady, so this year I mixed English Ivy, Asparagus fern, Purple Queen, and a spike for some height. I hope it all fills in nicely.

These Iris grow along my neighbors driveway and lucky for us we get to enjoy them from the backyard as her driveway edges our property...I think technically they are on our property but her husband planted them many years ago and he has since passed. Apparently he was a great gardener! She does have a beautiful yard.

The peach tree. I counted 41 little peaches on this dwarf tree...I can't wait to make a cobbler!

The peony is is pink at this stage, but will bloom white.

Here is the only peony to open so far, as you can see there is no pink to be seen. 

...and this is what happens when you leave a pot of sedum in the garage all winter and forget about it. It reaches for the light and spreads out instead of making the usual little puff ball of tight leaves. I kinda like! Oh and that's the lovely trash can parked behind it. In case you didn't know Louisville was founded in 1778 by George Rodgers Clark.

Speaking of George Rodgers Clark, if you are ever come to visit Louisville a stop at his home, Locust Grove is a must!

That concludes our tour. Thanks for going along and I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Love your tea painting, and your blog! So colourful!

  2. Poppylocke you're so sweet! Thank you! I used my favorite mug in the tea painting. Unfortunaly it's cracked, so it no longer houses tea, but it's too cute for me to get rid of. Does that make me a hoarder? ;-)