Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kitchen Color

Selecting a color to paint your kitchen can be a real brain basher. After all we spend a large portion of time in there. I do my cooking, ironing and occasionally I even paint my little watercolors at the table in there. I've recently given my kitchen a fresh coat of paint, cabinets and all. Shooo what a job!    

This is not my kitchen. Not my current kitchen anyway. This was a few houses ago and the color was called Irish Isle. I bought the color because I liked the name, maybe not the best idea in the world but there was something I really loved about that bold green. I bet you can't tell I like green ;-) This kitchen was tiny and not very functional, but it was cozy and I felt at home here, and as a bonus when I walked in the room I thought about traveling to Ireland. Still have yet to go there.  

The tiny apartment stove worked great and that little cabinet next to it was a flee market find. The porcelain top was in perfect condition, even though the rest needed some tlc. Every night I would heat up the kettle for a cup of tea just before watching As Time Goes By on PBS. I love Judy Dench and Geoffrey Palmer. If you like British Comedy this one is a must. Here are some funny outtakes from the show.   

What color is your kitchen? Do you like it warm and cozy or just the opposite? I'll show you what I finally did with mine in the coming days. Until then I hope you weather is as beautiful wherever you are as it is here!  

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