Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cafe Curtains

New curtains in the kitchen! A few months ago we decided to give the kitchen a fresh coat of paint. We went from a dark yellow cozy room (not really my style) to a fresh, clean, bright, light grey/blue.
I'm in love with my cafe curtains!

Here is the before. I liked the yellow and I love my windsor chairs (they are now in the dining room...I'll show you that below). But I had these directors chairs that we stored away and I thought the fabric on them made a nice compliment to the cafe curtains. Now I just need to find a new table. I'm thinking something in white, or maybe something I can paint. The current cafe table will go outside. It's just a little Peir One slate table I picked up years ago when I lived in Arizona. It was an end table for most of it's life, but it's actually an outdoor table!

 The windsors are very happy next to the piano.

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