Thursday, June 20, 2013

Welcome Summer Goodbye Spring

The hot morning tea that by noon will be iced
the seasons first berries all sugared and sliced

I just thought I would give you a peek at a page from the little book my sister and I are working on. Today feels very much like the picture above. It’s sunny and warm, windows are open, there are strawberries to pick, and who does not love iced tea on a warm day…85 degrees to be exact! For some reason it feels like Friday to me. Maybe I’m looking forward to the weekend a little too much. I have plans (that I’ve yet to tell the husband) to go on a picnic. He’ll be just fine with it, I plan to lure him with fried chicken. He’ll do just about anything under the spell of fried chicken. If I could learn to make hoecakes like his grandmother did I bet I could get him to do the laundry! Ha! Anyone know how to make amazing hoecakes? To be honest I'd never heard of them till I moved to Kentucky. A southern dish for sure. Hubs loves hoecakes. We went to the Paula Dean restaurant where he couldn’t wait to try them. I think he liked them, but they still weren’t like his grandmothers. I doubt anyone, even Paula Dean, could make them like she did. ;-)
Off to clean up the poor Robins nest and broken eggs that landed on our patio last night. It was a little windy and may have been too much for the little nest. This is our second nest this spring to not make it. A wren put her nest in a hanging basket on our front porch, I think all her landing and taking off was a bit much for it because the basket fell off the wall and the nest obviously went with it. I miss the little wren waiting on the front porch for us when we would get home. She didn’t seem to be too afraid of us, she would just watch us go in and out the house despite the nest being a mere 3 feet from the door and at shoulder height.

Hope you've had a wonderful week, I think I will start my friday now!


  1. Ohhh my gosh I love the picture. Please let us (me) know more about it, as you move alone w/ the book!!!! Clarice

    1. Oh thanks Clarice! I'm very pleased with this image. I only wish they would all come out this good! I have a stack of "re-do" pages! haha