Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

How cute are these! There are many variations on the stuffed cherry tomatoes floating around. I happen to like the BLT one the best, but this one is a little healthier...just a little. Let's not get crazy, there is still ham and cheese, but that's ok right? The French love ham and swiss and they're skinny!

You will need...
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Thin sliced ham
  • Thin sliced baby swiss
  • Mustard, I like the grainy mustard, but I'm sure any would be fine
  • Fresh dill

Off with their heads! Just loose the top far enough down to make stuffing the tomatoes easy. Another tip, if you will be putting them on a flat plate you may want to slice a tiny bit of the bottom to keep the tomatoes from rolling around. I put them on my asparagus plate and the ridges keep them in place.

Spread the mustard on your slice of ham, add the cheese and roll. Cut them about the same height as the tomato, once you stuff them the ham will stick out a little bit. Add a sprig of dill. That's it, so easy and tasty...not as tasty as the bacon ones but still delicious.

Looks like a little bit of rain today. The flowers are all filling in very nicely and as much as I would like to relax outside it looks like the clouds will be preventing that.

Have you ever made stuffed tomatoes? What do you put in them? Hope you have a great day, also I just added a "follow me on pinterest" button so if you're a pinner follow me and I will follow you back. See you tomorrow!


  1. I hate tuna salad stuffed tomatoes. Why is this a go too for cherry stuffed tomatoes? I will take the ham and Swiss any day. Thank you!

  2. Me too...Tuna is for bread or on lettuce.OR Tuna casserole or tuna patties or...the cat. ;-)