Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'd Stand in Line for a Lobster Roll...

I'm sure my mother would appreciate me calling her recipe box "vintage". Makes it/her sound of a certain age. She recently gave me her "vintage" recipe box with the bright red lobster on the front. There is not a time in my life I don't remember seeing this little box and now it rests above my stove. The thing that is so appealing to me about this tin box, beside it being a momento of my childhood, is the lobster illustration. When I look at it I'm transported to the east coast and I immediatly want to start speaking with a Maine accent!

Growing up in Indiana the only large body of water was Lake Michigan. Ummm, no lobsters in there. We certainly had plenty of corn on the cob and potatoes but no lobster, no lobster on the beach, no lobster rolls, no lobster salad. Our cookouts were hotdogs, burgers, maybe my parents would eat a steak. The only lobster we saw were on TV at some fancy pants restaurant. But what must it have been like to grown up on the coast and eat lobster till you were sick! I must admit I've only had lobster once and it was at Red Lobster and it was a tail, not the whole thing. Also, I'm not sure that Red Lobster uses the best lobster, I think they are pretty much glorified crawdads. It was just ok.    

My idea of a Lobster Bake

One day I will take a vacation to Maine and eat lobster rolls till I can't stand the sight of another one! I can't wait to stand in a long line at some beach shack that claims to serve up the best lobster rolls in the state. Here is a list of the 10 best lobster shacks in Maine. Would that be wrong to make a vacation out of visiting each one of these?  


  1. I had to laugh at your mom and the word "vintage". I decided it was time to get rid of a dress in my closet the other day when I saw the same one in a thrift store in the vintage section. haha