Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summers Best

It's hard to believe its summer. We have the windows open and I almost need a sweater! I thought I'd show you a few pictures from the garden. I didn't plant anything till it was almost to late, but I'm glad I finally did...I think we'll be able to at least enjoy some late summer goodies!

We've also been enjoying picking some of natures finest for indoor enjoyment! 

Off to work I go, hope you are enjoying your weekend wherever you are! Hope your weather is as wonderful as it is here in the Bluegrass. 

Oh I almost forgot, the Fancy Farm Picnic is this weekend. Mitch and Allison will be facing off. I have to tell you I love the Fancy Farm Picinic for one simple reason. It's so very American. The parts I love...white painted fences, old fashioned red white and blue bunting, and BBQ. It almost makes you forget there is something political happening! ;-)