Friday, May 31, 2013


I don't really have a saga, but while looking up information on the AGA cooker I learned that there is a genre of English literature that is called "AGA Saga". It seems to be drama revolving around affluent people. Well I may not be affluent but who cares, today is one of those wonderful days where it's raining and you open all the windows to breathe in all that heavenly fresh rain air. I few rounds of thunder scared the dogs so they snuggled up with me on the sofa. I don't want them to be scared, but I do enjoy a snuggle. Except when they bump my arm as I'm trying to paint! Oh well, what's a little smudge. The above picture is what I was working on. The AGA. The AGA is one of those ridiculously expensive items that one really only buys if they hit the lotto or marry rich. Its price tag is insane! But, I'm sure it's worth every penny. I'm thinking of doing a few more of these. It's my way of having an AGA and better yet, I can have one in every color I choose!

Here is a fun demonstration by the one and only Martha. Apparently back then the AGA may have even been a high price for the domestic diva. Word on the street (or in the comments of the video) is that she did the tutorial for free in exchange for an AGA. I just love seeing these old videos. She should come out with a collection of her early specials.  

One more little find, here is a video of Kathryn Ireland (the designer not the model) giving a tour of her home. It's beautiful, I could move right in. Anyway, she has an AGA and while showing it off she actually spit on it! I can't believe she spit on it! She was trying to show how hot it was, but could she not have splashed some water on it or something! haha I got a chuckle out of it.


  1. I like watching Martha enunciate everything.

  2. I like that she almost forgot her house guests need breakfast! haha

  3. That was really interesting! I knew that the Aga was great but had never seen all its features shown. When you said expensive I was thinking $5,000. Ha! The one you painted (which I love, by the way) is the $15,000 model !!

    1. That is a "when I hit the lotto" purchase for sure Cathy! Ha!