Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sweater Weather in June!

I just thought I would share a watercolor I was commissioned to do back around Christmas. It was for a little girl’s room that had a frog theme.
I’m off to visit my mom today, she is going to help me make new café curtains for the kitchen! I can’t wait. Ever since we’ve painted the walls and cabinets in the kitchen I’ve been looking at my old curtains and sort of cringing. The new color is a very light grey blue and the cabinets are white with copper pulls (they are the original pulls from the 50’s that we cleaned up). My old curtains don’t go at all, they are extremely autumnal and warm, a complete contrast to my new cool paint colors. Once I get everything done I will take photos to show you guys. You can see a little bit of the old yellow curtains in on the right in this photo. I don't mind a little yellow, but these are just the wrong shade.  

Copper pulls...all clean and bright!

Once again we ware in for a lovely day in here in the Bluegrass state! It’s June and I’m going to wear a light sweater. No complaining here, I love it! I hope wherever you are the weather is as nice!

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