Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Few Lovely Days

I don't talk too much about my job but I really enjoy it and lucky for me I don't dread going. Have you ever had that job? The one where the thought of going was awful. I once had a job I hated so much that I would leave 15 minutes early just so I could drive by it and pretend I was just going to keep going and never show up again! Of course I'm way to responsible for that and I always turned around and went in. We'll I don't have that problem now but I do enjoy my time off. Unfortunately we had a small fire at work earlier in the week and will be unable to work while cleanup is happening. Fortunately I have wonderful bosses and their insurance covered everyone's pay. While I have this little bit of time I'm getting caught up on some things around the house and spending some time with my husband. We've worked in the yard, strolled through used book stores and had wonderful meals outside enjoying the beautiful weather. 

Here are some photos from our breakfast at The North End Cafe. I had Peach Blueberry Cobbler Pancakes and hubs had Orange Spice French Toast! Deliciousness!!! Hope you have all had a wonderful Fourth of July Holiday!

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