Saturday, September 14, 2013

Riverside, The Farnsley-Moremen Landing

The year,1837...That is the year this southern bell was built. She sits on the banks of the Ohio river and I adore her. She is one of my favorite places in Louisville. This is the Farnsley-Moremen House. You can tour the house and gardens as it's all part of the Riverside Park. Volunteers take care of the gardens and they are charming, peaceful, and when I walk through them I imagine that I'm wearing some sort of Tasha Tudor outfit! This place calls for a long skirt and apron.

This is the backside of the house. It seems like it should be the front as this is what you first see when you walk up, but back when the house was built it would have been first seen from the Ohio river. If you look to the right of the house in this photo you will see some low trees then some tall ones in the back, the tall ones are the Indiana side of the river, the low ones are the Kentucky side.

Here is the front of the home. Everytime we've been here it's been in the early morning or the late evening and the house is already closed up. I'm betting the views of the river from that second story are stunning.

You can see a bit of the water from the front lawn. It looks rather small here but trust me the Ohio is a mighty one! 

There are a few little spots where you can peek out and see the river. It's so peaceful in the early morning here, you really feel like you've gone back in time.

The volunteers have many of the plants marked. 

What is it about the nasturtium? I think maybe those beautiful round leaves. They look like tiny lilly pads! 

The summer kitchen. I can't even imagine the heat in the middle of a hot Kentucky July in this little building with the fire going. I'm sure it smelled delicious though! 

Here is the vegetable side of the garden. We were there in early summer and everything was just sprouting. I wonder what it looks like now! Maybe hubs and I can go back this fall for more photos when the trees have started to turn. I also need to get inside that beautiful house! Even though I do think the garden holds so much of the the charm for me.

I'm not sure the barn swallows cared for our visit! But they are so pretty and entertaining to watch.

I wonder what type of tree this is? It looks like has stories to tell. There was also a huge mulberry tree by the garden. I had to kick myself for not bringing a basket or bag for collecting some of the berries. They were so sweet and made for a good snack while walking through the garden. It's a shame you can't find mulberries in the stores, but they just don't keep. If you've never tasted them you must, the darker they are the sweeter. I think they are superior to all other berries in flavor, well except strawberries. ;-)

If you would like to visit Riverside or learn more here is their webpage.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. The weather here is amazing! Today was the Big UK UofL game so I'm sure most of our state was watching football. We certainly were, with a warm bowl of chili and the windows open. It was another sweater day! Yay for sweater days!


  1. Shelly, you're a Tasha Tudor aficionado, too? I was able to visit her gardens and go inside her house last year. A real must for anyone who loves the statement she made with her life.

    I did not know that mulberries were fit for human consumption! We have two very messy trees on our property. Next year I will have to gather up the berries rather than complain about the mess.

    1. Cathy, you are taking all my dream vacations! Martha's Vineyard and Tasha Tudors! ;-)

      You must try the mulberries. They are a real treat! They are best when they are really dark. You can make pies and jam and they are similar in that the little stems cook away like blueberrie stems. Just in case you don't feel like picking the stems off. I knew nothing of mulberries till I moved to Kentucky but we had a huge tree in the backyard that the electric company cut down :-( boo. It's growing back so I'm going to try and keep it short like a shrub and hopefully next year we'll have berries again. The other one that people often don't know they can eat are service berries. That's a very common tree used in landscaping but the berries can't be sold because they only last about a day after being picked. Just like the mulberry. If you've not tried service berries they too are wonderful. They taste similar to a blueberry and look sort of the same only they have larger seeds in them. Good news is the seeds taste like almonds! I have two of these trees and this year the birds beat me to most of the berries, I did get a few for my oatmeal though!

  2. When we grow old and have gotten out of prison for killing our husbands due to not picking up wet towels, we will live in a home like this together.

    1. Hahahaha...I was still really hoping for the Practical Magic house. Midnight Margaritas!