Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

I thought I would start off by showing you the extent of our celebration today.

That's it. One flag in the rain. Like a good portion of the country today it's been raining and according to the forcast it will not be letting up anytime soon. We don't ususally go and watch fireworks unless we happen to travel up to my parents home. The smallish city they live in has a really nice fireworks show and it's extreamly close to their house. So close that people park in their neighborhood to watch it. We put lawn chairs in the front yard and it feels like the ashes are going to rain down on you. Sometimes they do! It's a lot of fun, all the neighbors are out and it's sort of like a huge block party. This year we are staying in Louisville and hopefully will be able to watch some fireworks on TV. We also have some good eats for later today. Cold fried chicken, watermelon, and red potato and green bean salad. I've not figured out how I'm going to do the potato salad yet because hubbs wont eat vinager, mustard, or mayo. The boy has no idea what he's missing. I love potato salad, especially my familys german potato salad! It's served hot and we always eat it with brats that have been cooked in beer, onions, and then grilled. Guess you can't tell we're German. ;-)
As for my potato salad today I was thinking of doing some sort of bacon and parmesan "dressing" over the cold beans and potatoes. I know I could roast them and we could eat them hot, but since we're doing cold fried chicken it only seems right to have some sort of potato salad that's cold. I'll let you know what I come up with and if it's any good.

I also wanted to share with you a few more paintings I did. I really enjoyed doing the Illustration Friday popsicle so I thought I would do a few more novelties. Here is an ice cream sandwich and an orange creamsicle. I'm also working on a Push-Up. I tried to scan it so you could see the progress but for some reason my computer and scanner are not getting along today. Remember that commercial where the guy chucks his computer our the window? That was me about five minutes ago. I'm better now. Just had to breath. As much as I love what computers have done for us there is sometimes a love hate relationship. I love them when they do what I want and I hate them when I'm not smart enough to know why it won't do what I want. But sometimes their just old and stupid. Did you know computers get stupid as they age? YUP. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Well it's certainly not me! ;-)

Happy Fourth!