Monday, August 26, 2013

New Old Chairs

Check out my new old chairs on the side of the piano! I'm loving the pop of color. My wonderful talented mom came down from Indianapolis to work her magic and help recover them. Two days and a mess in the livingroom was all worth it.

While I was painting the legs on the chairs white I also decided to grab a small vanity that was my great grandmothers and give it a coat of paint as well. I'll show you more on that later.

I love green, but this was old and dirty. The chairs were a great find at a consignment store that my parents found. I had been wanting 2 chairs that I could put a little punch of color on to kick it up a notch in the dining room. I think they worked!




  1. Wan't this fun? But son't ask me to do any more for awhile. I think I need to recover. My self, not more furniture!

    1. It was soooo much work! Now I know why it's so expensive to have it done. hahaha