Monday, February 3, 2014

Pixiwoo Brushes

The brushes I'm going to tell you about today are for painting. Painting your face. I've been a fan of the Pixwoo sisters for awhile and if you're not familiar with them they are two very talented makeup artists and sisters from England. They do youtube tutorials for just about any look you are wanting, everything from Elizabeth Taylor, to everyday looks, to the  vampires from Twilight. I prefer their "basic" looks or "party" looks, here is one of my favorite more wearable looks.

OK, back to the brushes. Awhile back the girls came out with their own line of makeup brushes called "Real Techniques". I had been wanting to order them but they were not available in the States. Or at least I could not find them. Finally I was able to find them on Kohls' website. I'm giving them two thumbs up! These brushes are super soft and give you a flawless finish. I have rather large pores so I feel like I have to go light on the foundation. These brushes blend so well! I love them!

I've ordered two more bushes since getting these. A stippling brush that is AMAZING and a blending brush I use for eye shadow.
The eyeliner brush works perfectly with gel eyeliner and the large blusher seems to pick up just the right amount.
The brush on the left is the foundation brush that I really think is the best foundation brush I've ever used. The blusher is in the center and on the right is a blender that I've not used much. It would be great for blending bronzer, but since it's the middle of winter I really don't mind embracing my Irish/English heritage and keeping it pasty white! HA! Wait wait, not pasty, porcelain. ;-)
One other thing I love about them is that they stand up on end. I keep my brushes in a glass vase thingy but this makes them super handy to set down for a minute and pick right back up without getting whatever is on the brush all over the vanity if I put it down.
OK onto other news. We have 6" of snow this morning!!! It's so pretty, but honestly I'm hoping work gets called off. I hate driving in in this stuff. I just want to stay home and look out the window at it fall. I know for some of you it sounds silly to call off work for 6" of snow, but this city is not in any way shape or form good at snow removal. Side streets don't get much attention and neighborhood streets....forget about it. That is one good thing about living in a northern city. They know how to handle the snow. I hope wherever you are that your window view is as pretty as mine. Have a great day!!!