Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Spirituality Over Rice Cereal

Every so often I get a letter from my very dear friend Beth. Beth is a missionary and she has to fundraise for her own salary every year. Can you imagine doing this? I suppose I take for granted that I can just show up at my job, do what they ask and I'm guaranteed a check at the end of the week...no worries.

Beth and I don't have the same views about religious matters or political matters but it has never mattered in the 20+ years that we've been friends. I love getting her newsletter and seeing the work she is doing because I know how important it is to her. I know it is filling up her spiritual cup. I think we as a human race all have a need and a curiosity to know what is beyond. It's in our blood, it's part of our nature. How could we watch the cycle of life year after year and not have this be part of us? I only wish people could be accepting of others and how they choose to seek out these answers. Or respect that many people choose not to go searching and just live every day for what it is. I'm awake, I'm breathing in fresh air, and I'm going to make the very best of this day that I've been given by God by Nature, by whatever. Oops...there went the laundry buzzer...I'll be right back.


How convenient was that? Things were starting to get heavy. OK so above is photo of a mala necklace I just made. Not only a fun little craft project but it has turned out to be a great tool for meditating. I'm new to meditation but I know a few people who do it and they are always encouraging me to give a try. I've tried in the past but honestly my brain has about 5 hamsters running on the same wheel so trying to calm it down is really difficult. A mala necklace is a beaded necklace used for meditation or prayer. There are 108 beads, you start at the end where the head is and use each bead to say your mantra or prayer and when you get to the head you go back the other direction. This has been wonderful for calming my mind. This may sound crazy, but allowing my mind to relax is making me feel more awake during the day. Even if I wake and am very sleepy, after 20 minutes of meditation I feel wide awake. Amazing. I got everything to make the necklace at JoAnne Fabrics (even the little Buddha head). The beads are made from shell and the red string is just embroidery floss.

So since we are on the topic of spirituality I wanted to share my new favorite hymn. My husband and I were so lucky to see Steve Martin with the Steep Canyon Rangers and Edie Brickell last week. Hope you get a good laugh and enjoy this!

One more thing, if you would like to learn more about my friend Beth and give you can visit her page with One Mission Society here http://www.onemissionsociety.org/give/bethjordal .




  1. Hi Shelly! That video was pretty funny--and they're such great singers! If you agree with this statement, "Heaven is that perfect state of consciousness in which one is in full realization of the divine Presence," then you might enjoy reading Emmet Fox's writings. He took a very practical approach to scripture, never rejecting it, but fitting it into his "New Thought" ideas. I am a Christian myself, but I wouldn't be called "mainstream" Christian by any stretch of the imagination. My Another Perfect Day Blog is where I express my own Christianity, but I am careful not to use language that would cause some people to label me a heretic--it's those people I want to reach. I really do feel I'm called to show how our spirituality and what passes for Christianity today clash. I've not been part of a church for the past 14 years because after being very involved in several different denominations and non-denominations for 22 years I realized I wasn't getting where I needed to be--so I set out on my own to discover what being reconnected to God was all about. I feel really sad when people reject the Annointed One just because He's presented in such a prejudiced way. We can't help but be prejudiced by our parents, teachers, friends, the world in general! So it's key that we take time to truly listen to the Divine Presence in whose image we are made. May you find True Peace as you free your mind of your own prejudices!

  2. Hi Cathy! Thanks for commenting, I admire your bravery and ability to follow your true path. Though I know we don't have the same views I think it's paramount to one happiness to do what feels right for you. Hope you are enjoying your summer so far! And your grandbaby!!! :-)

  3. I love this blog. For me, spirituality has been so different than the expectation set by my childhood. Perhaps we could get our brain hamsters together for a tiny hamster party. They can drink out of tiny hamster cups and eat tiny pastries and tea sandwiches. Mine will wear tiny hats and they will be fabulous. Ahhhh! I can't wait!