Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Way of the Kentuckian

There are two things I've learned since moving to Kentucky.
2. Sweet Tea is a given.

As for number one, as far as I'm concerned a cat is a domestic animal that does what it wants so much so that we even let it do it's "business" indoors. What other furry animal can say that? As for number 2, sweet tea, it's just something I cannot get on board with. It amazed me that when I first moved to Kentucky I had to specify that I wanted "Un-sweet tea", then the server would repeat back to me "you want un-swait tay?" with a very judgmental look in their eyes. There is however another drink that seems to be acceptable...BIG RED. I give you a true southern mess of a meal...

Oh my, I think I love Kentucky. This meal provided by Marks Feed Store. What an appropriate name. Because what you're doing when you're there is FEEDING. Shoving amazing BBQ in your face and washing it down with BIG RED. Don't even think about eating the fries, there fine, but you won't have room for dessert. Honestly, if you eat the entire sandwich you won't have room, but somehow we tried.

Did I mention what dessert was? Some crazy thing I had never eaten before called Buttermilk Pie. Holy Cow, it's amazing. 2-3 bites is more than enough, after the BIG RED your teeth will curl up and run for cover.

I love Kentucky.

I think Pippa wants some BBQ.

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