Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter wonderland...a really really cold wonderland.

Even the little birds are not venturing outside today. I could only stand being out for about 10 minutes as the wind was burning up my face. It's that cold burn that if you stay out in too long your skin starts to peel. We don't need our skin to peel. I did catch one fellow grabbing a bite to eat. He looks like he's got a good layer of fat to keep him warm.

Little Pippa (our poodle) played around in the snow a bit and seemed to enjoy. Looks like she was trying to eat it as evident by her snow beard.  I guess her footsies were getting cold though. 

Little Phoebe (our Chihuahua) was complaining that her people (did you know dogs are really people) were brought to this frozen land from Mexico and cursed them for inflicting her to the discomfort of snow on her whiskers.

I rather like the snow, yes it's cold, but bundling up in a warm sweater and layering scarves, hats, gloves and whatever else keeps you warm (I highly recommend Kodiak extreme weather socks by the way) makes it enjoyable.

Ok that's enough snow for now, lets enjoy it from here with some hot chocolate!


Stay warm!


  1. Commenting on that bird's physique will do nothing for his self esteem. He does appear to need to lay off of the jelly doughnut birdseed though.

  2. Ha! I think he was eating buckeyes.

  3. You had snow, too! We got about 10 inches! Love the snow-covered birdhouse and your pooches. My Gabriel likes to eat snow, too, and comes in the house with his muzzle covered but since he's already white it doesn't have the same effect on him (cute) as it does on Pippa (or is her name Little Pippa?)

  4. Yay for snow! Of course this morning I may not be as happy about it when I have to go clean off the car! haha
    It's PIppa, but she is only 7lbs so I just call her little Pippa.

    1. I had no idea she was so small. She weighs less than my cat! It is only 5 degrees here this morning and my husband has to plow the driveway for the 3rd time if we want to go anywhere today. We finally bought a lawn tractor last year that you can attach a plow blade to. For 31 years we had to shovel our 300-foot-long driveway!